Wilson Photography


I have been a photographer since first picking up a friend’s film camera at the age of 12, since that day I was hooked on the idea of capturing and preserving a moment in time.

My passion for photography grew as I did, throughout high school, shooting for the school newspaper, slide shows for assemblies, and enjoying photography as a hobby. As I studied business and photography in college, I learned my real talent was in the realm of photojournalism, capturing and recording events as they unfolded and telling a story through images. I worked as a photographer and then photo editor for the Daily Utah Chronicle at the University of Utah throughout my college career to build my expertise in the field.

Today, I work as a contract photographer for clients worldwide, documenting news and sports. With 20+ years as a working professional, I am able to deliver what the client wants in a timely, professional, and creative manner, never compromising the integrity of the profession or the client’s good name that I represent.

I am available for work on a contract basis and am always interested in the opportunity of making images for, and meeting the needs of new clients.



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